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The world of ninja worlds come together, colliding as your own ninja destiny unfolds before you. Good or evil what will you be?
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 Char. Template

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Hanzo Sanshouo
Hanzo Sanshouo

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PostSubject: Char. Template   Mon Jun 29, 2009 10:53 pm

age: Though people like Madara and Orochimaru live for a long time, you are not immortal to time so don't say you like 1000 years old.
Species: Don't be a noob and say your a god, the only known god is Rikudou, Jashin and Amida. Most people are human, and if they are host then they are Jinchūriki.
Optinal-Tailed Beast: This is for only if you have a bijuu. Stick to the manga bijuu, don't make up bijuu and remeber only canons have bijuu.

Element: Remeber you can't have all Elements, you also should stick to your clan element. Much like Nara uses Shadow Style. Also most people have to choose from the five main elements. You need to get new elements approved by mods, or obtain them from Blood Lines.
Genin and Chuunin get one Element
Jounin get two

Rank: Rank is the ninja rank you have, such as Academy Student, Genin, Chuunin, Anbu, Jounin, Anbu Black Op, S-rank and Kage. For special people there are Sage rank which are for sages only. There will be a tournament later on for the rank of Sannin.
Village: There are only five villages for now until we get more users. Choose from the villages listed.

Personality: Be descriptive and original about it. For people like Zetsu make info on each of your split personalities.

Bio: Have fun typing your history and back ground about yourself, be original or if your a canon just copy and paste it from Narutowiki.

Academy Students- E-rank, 5 jutsu
Genin- D, C-rank, 10 jutsu
Chuunin- B-rank, 15 jutsu
Anbu- 20 jutsu
Jounin- A-rank 25 jutsu
Anbu Black Ops- 30 jutsu
S rank- S-rank, 40 jutsu
Kage- All rank, Unlimited
Sage- Sennin rank

Abilities: Post your powers and abilities such as your powers. Example is
His physical strength and taijutsu skill is immense. He is easily capable of disarming a skilled opponent with his bare hands, and proficiently wielded Suigetsu's huge sword seconds after picking it up. His defense is very strong as well, receiving a solid kick to the neck from Sasuke only to drop his sword and begin writing lyrics, and escaping unscathed after being shocked with Sasuke's Chidori and hit from behind with Jugo's rocket-augmented attack.

Equipment: Post how many kunai, shuriken you have, special weapons you may carry and also any special items you have such as a one and only weapon.

Outfit: You can either type how you look or post a pic

Height we are not enforcing in cm but please try to escpecially if your a canon. If you can't find it it is ok you can do inches.

Weight this can be in pounds

height and weight were edited **
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Char. Template
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