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 Summon Template

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PostSubject: Summon Template   Summon Template Icon_minitimeTue Jun 30, 2009 8:24 am

Name of Beast:
Note- Most summons have the name of there species in japanese after or before there name such as Gamabunta, Gamakichi, Gamahiro and so fourth.
Note- Remeber most animals are dependent between Male and Female, but if your spider is a summon it can be A-sexual, just incase you want to get technical.
Note- Animals in the ninja world live to be a very old age. As well as the boss and complete leader of the summons would be the oldest and be close to 1000+ years old.

Note- Though most summons don't have a real rank, they have idivual ranks for the species. The highest rank in the Summon world would be a Great Leader. The second would be Sages, But you have to be a Sage yourself to summon Sages. The third highest rank is Cheif, and from there you decide what they are such as; Fighter, Tracker, Helper, Back up and so on.

Note- This speaks for itself.

Note- Don't OP the summons element, stick to stuff that makes since for its species. Example is don't summon a spider which has fire element, If you have bug summons they most likely use Poison. Each summonn gets one element, and the boss summon gets two.

Note- Even though there summons they still have a background or history. In there bio you can put how you met them or how you got there scroll.

Note- The summons do have jutsu but remeber they don't have as much chakra as a human so they wouldnt have that many jutsu. Try to keep it in allignment with there species.
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Summon Template
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