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 Vulture training and the Attack on the Leaf village

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Nathan Uchiha

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PostSubject: Vulture training and the Attack on the Leaf village   Thu Jul 09, 2009 10:26 am

The sinister Uchiha had just learned a new Jutsu. It was the Summoning Jutsu. Yesterday he had found a scroll which had many information about summonings on it. The scroll said that one with the power of the vultures would have to go far in the mountains of Konoha to fond another scroll. This scroll would have more information. On that scroll it said that the one that found the scroll would have to write their name with their own blood. As Nathan did this dark clouds started forming above his head. When he was done a lightning flash occurred and then everything became dark. Then Nathan woke up in the spot he was right now, with the scroll in his head. On the scroll it said which vultures he could summon, their names, and their abilities. Nathan bit in his finger making a little blood come out. He then touched the ground and said, “Summoning Jutsu: Come forth Nenshou the Head of all Vultures!”

The ground cracked upon and then in a flash, Nathan stood on top of the dragon’s head. Nenshou said telepathically to Nathan, “So you are the new Vulture Summoner. It became time that someone found that old scroll. What is your name, Vulture Summoner?” Nathan said, “Call me Rivalz.” Nenshou said, “Ok, Rivalz. Why have you summoned me?” Nathan Uchiha said calmly, “I wanted to test your strength.” Nenshou said, “It says on the scroll that I have one attack which is called Multi-Color Fury. Try it out. And by the way, I can read your mind so you don’t have to say anything out loud.” Nathan nodded and said in his head, “Use Multi-Color Breath.” Nenshou opened his mouth and a blaze of different colored fire came out of his mouth. All kinds of colors came out. There was red, green, silver, blue, orange, pink, purple and many other!

When Nenshou stopped, Nathan looked around. Nenshou had caused mass destruction. This technique could be very useful for taking over villages and destroying. If he even used this technique several times on Konoha, it would immediately lie in ruins. Flames were surround both Nenshou and Nathan. Nathan said, “Nice attack, it will be very useful in the near future.” Nenshou said, “ Thank you, I have one attack that looks even cooler, but with this one you can’t stand on me so you have to grab on to one of my spikes and sit down.” Nathan did as Nenshou said and sat down. It amazed him how sharp Nenshou’s spikes were. Suddenly, Nenshou flew into the air with its long wings. He then started rapidly flying in circles. Then Nenshou pointed his head up. He used Multi Color Fury. Nenshou kept flying faster until suddenly a tornado of Mulit-Color Breath surrounded them. The tornado went past Nenshou and Nathan and destroyed what was left of the area.

Nathan said, “You have some nice skills. Too bad that it takes a lot of chakra to summon you. Now, can you take me to the Leaf Village, it’s time for some destruction.” Nenshou replied, “Sure, I love destruction.” With those words, Nenshou leaped into the air. The gray dragon then flew forward, faster than anything anyone could think of. The it suddenly stopped and started circling above an area. Nenshou said, “We have reached the Leaf Village. Should I land here or should I land on the Outskirts so you can walk to the village yourself?” Nathan said out loud, “Land here.” Nenshou then said telepathically back to Rivalz, “Okay, hang on!” The vulture folded his wings and let himself fall down to the ground like a rock that falls in the water. A ninja screamed, “Its Rivalz!” And then to Nathan, “I will stop you from destroying the village no matter what!!!” Nathan started laughing and said, “Like you can even touch me. You are just some other pebble in my way.”

Nathan jumped off of Nenshou and kicked the ninja in between the ribs. The kick came with a very great impact, sending that ninja through several houses. Nathan then activated his Sharingan eye. He felt a chakra level behind him and turned around. It was another ninja with a kunai in his hand. The ninja tried a slash at Nathan’s ribs. Nathan side stepped the attack, grabbed the man’s arm and buster it in three diverse parts. Nathan then kicked that man aside. Nathan quickly duck because his reflexes told him that an arm would shoot out to him. Nathan looked up and grabbed the man’s arm. He then smashed that person into the ground. Uchiha Nathan threw a shuriken in the air. He then appear where the Shuriken was. Nenshou was being attacked maybe a quarter of a mile ahead. Nathan made two clones who all went into different directions, destroying everything in their way. Nathan then jumped on Nenshou and told him to fly in he air. Nenshou did as he said and flew up in the air. Before flying away Nenshou fired a Multi-Colored Fury at the village. Then both of them flew away into the depths of the night.
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Izuno Uchiha


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PostSubject: Re: Vulture training and the Attack on the Leaf village   Thu Jul 09, 2009 4:29 pm

A figure had appeared standing on the gate of the village."This village cannot be destroyed."He quickly bit the tip of his thumb and performed a set of handseals,slamming his palm on the cement of the gate afterwards.A large cloud of smoke appeared.As it cleared,a large dragon appeared to be hovering in the air with a serpent like body.Izuno was seen sitting on it's head with his arms crossed."Dorabun,please help me ward off this intruder."Dorabun had nodded and had opened his snout.Red colored energy drew into the entrance of his throat and formed a red sphere.

The sphere had released a beam of Dorabun's chakra,heading straight towards the attack that the mysterious figure's summon had sent towards the village.On collision,the beam had canceled out the attack,keeping the village safe from trouble."Thank you Dorabun."Dorabun had simply nodded and bursted into a cloud of smoke.Izuno had fell onto the Gate and watched the colorful distortion in the air after the collision."Hokage-Sama will be proud."
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Vulture training and the Attack on the Leaf village
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