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 Ruiga Janin Water Disciple

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Ruiga Janin
Academy Student
Ruiga Janin

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PostSubject: Ruiga Janin Water Disciple   Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:36 pm

Name:Ruiga Janin
Rank:Academy Student
Personality:Ruiga is an overconfident easy going comedian in battle. He is serious around his brothers though.
Biography:Ruiga was born with two other brothers. Jiga and Renga all of them are training unique skills. Born in leaf but seperated from his brother, Renga and his mom and Dad Ruiga and Jiga are raising themselves. Jiga is eating magnets once a day so when he is older he can use magnetism.
Jutsu: None
Abilities:Ruiga excelled in water-type chakra. His main jutsu put him at a tactical advantage. While a ninja normally requires an already existing supply of water to perform any water-based jutsu, Ruiga possessed a special jutsu that allowed him to extract moisture from plant life to act as his source. He could then use that water to perform a number of versatile feats, such as imprisoning and drowning his opponents, or creating protective shields, as his jutsu would continue to manipulate the water. He could also use the water as a vessel to summon fish of various sizes and form, so they might assist him on land. He was also highly proficient in close-range combat, as evident from how skillfully he wielded his tonfa. He also used his tonfa as dowsing rods, which he could use to find water for his water jutsu.
Equipment: Two Tonfas reinforced with steel which can absorb chakra.
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PostSubject: Re: Ruiga Janin Water Disciple   Wed Jul 08, 2009 11:37 pm

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Ruiga Janin Water Disciple
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