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 Rock kouseitan'i the joinin

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Rock kouseitan'i

Rock kouseitan'i

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PostSubject: Rock kouseitan'i the joinin   Tue Jun 30, 2009 6:05 pm

Name:Rock kouseitan'i
age: 16
Species: human

Element:water/ fire

Rank Jounin,
Village: ?

Personality: am a crazy type happy person but has an evil side that for battle

Bio: I have been though many battles fought harder then ever i was killed 2 in my ninja life once by my brother eman second by myself i have changed my way of life and they decision i make and things about me i have fought in more ways then ever killed more people then i can count lose more then i have killed and have been hurt by many i was born in element village had brothers and sisters one the oldest was eman then me and others we continued our clan and watched as it grew we are together and still growin i will become the best and let nothing or any one stop me .

Jutsu: Electric Static

The electric static, or electric domination style, of the Kouseitan’I clan is one of the first taijutsu styles ever produced by the clan. Created my Rotogoshi Kouseitan’I during the first clan war. It was introduced as an alternative to the normal brawler style of the previous Kouseitan’I taijutsu styles. The style looks similar to the Hyuuga's Juken style at first as the user has to settle into a stance with their legs bent and arms set out at their side with their fingers apart. The user then draws their raiton elemental chakra into their fingers. After this the differences begin to show as the user then puts his or her own flavor into the style.
Fire’s Barrage

Fires Barrage, or Fiery Damnation, is a simple yet efficient taijutsu style of the Kouseitan’I clan. Unlike the Electric Static Style, there is no definite stance that the user settles into, though the most common and used stance is the Kick Boxing stance. This stance allows the user to quickly block and counter in case of an attack. After settling into the stance the user summons their fire elemental chakra into their hands and feet, (they will eventually learn how to over come burning off their shoes.) From there the user then adds their own flavor to the taijutsu style.
Water Whips

Water Whips, or Water’s Elusion, is the second easiest taijutsu style to master in terms of power to difficulty. This taijutsu style is closely related to the capoiera fighting style. In this style the user conforms the water to their being and forms it into a whip like shape. The user then begins to gyrate slowly to gather speed and power while continuously dodging the opponents attempts to harm them. The whips themselves have many uses such as entrapment of the opponent, used to beat down the opponent, or hardened to impale the opponent. After settling into the stance the user can rework the taijutsu style to fit them.
Winds Fury

Winds Fury or Winds Retaliation, is a taijutsu style developed by a wind demon in the Kouseitan’i clan. This taijutsu style is generally used by Tai Kwon Do users in the clan. The user uses their wind elemental chakra and conforms it to their hands and body. This allows them to cut through most metals and in some cases chakra (must be heavily trained before that can happen though). This taijutsu style is the most difficult to master because of the fact that the wind must not only be controlled but also maintained.
Earthen Domination

Earthen Domination, or Earthen Resolve, is the easiest and most efficient of the Kouseitan’i taijutsu styles. The user makes the earth wrap around and fit to their legs, arms, and body. This creates a harder surface for the body and causes the most external damage of all of the Kouseitan’i taijutsu styles. This taijutsu style is most often used along side the Karate fighting style.
Retrieved from "http://narutofanon.wikia.com/wiki/Kouseitan%27i_Clan"

Hito Funsou - Human Disguise

* Rank: D
* Range: --
* Element: --
* Users: Kouseitan'i Clan

Hito Funsou, or Human Disguise, is a pretty simple genjutsu that uses light and chakra to change the look of a demon to match that of a human. This genjutsu usually does not take that much chakra to use simply because all demons have access to their human forms once they enter puberty. The only use for this jutsu is to simply hide their extra appendages such as tails, whiskers, ears, etc. from view allowing them to look completely human.

Magen: Heki Chisoki - Demonic Illusion: False Speed Technique

* Rank: SS
* Range: Mid (0~15m)
* Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

The user begins this jutsu by infusing their eyes with chakra while concentrating on the genjutsu at hand. After doing so they only need to establish eye contact for a brief period of ten seconds before being fully implanted into the opponents system. The user can then choose the time that the genjutsu will take effect and strike. Please not that this jutsu does not allow you to control time. It only allows you to affect the way the opponent perceives time around them. For the genjutsu to really be taken into effect, it is best to have the user in a completely calm and relaxed state that does not show motion. That will allow it to be much harder for the opponent to recognize a genjutsu simply because the user has not moved enough to tell any difference in their surroundings. After this genjutsu is activated the user will have a window of about 25 minutes to defeat the opponent before the genjutsu wears off and becomes useless.

Abilities: Post your powers and abilities such as your powers. Example is
His physical strength and taijutsu skill is immense. He is easily capable of disarming a skilled opponent with his bare hands, and proficiently wielded Suigetsu's huge sword seconds after picking it up. His defense is very strong as well, receiving a solid kick to the neck from Sasuke only to drop his sword and begin writing lyrics, and escaping unscathed after being shocked with Sasuke's Chidori and hit from behind with Jugo's rocket-augmented attack.

* Name: Fire Release: Burning Whisper (火遁・燃える低声, Katon: Nenshou Teisei; English TV "Fire Style: Blazing Whisper")
* Type: C-Rank, Offensive, Supplementary, Mid to Long-range (5-10m+)
* User: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i

The user form the handseals of the technique and gathers a large amount of fire release chakra into their lungs. They will then condense the chakra into the air to form superheated air in which they will breath out of their mouths rapidly. This will create a vacuum of air in front of it while adding more wind to the sides increasing the speed and temperature to the point where the air reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit and 200 miles per hour. To better direct the technique the user will hold their thumb and forefinger in front of their lips while applying chakra to the soles to keep them from being burned.

Yamiton: Kage Yusou - Darkness Style: Shadow Transport

* Rank: E
* Range: unknown
* Element: Darkness
* Users: Emanyeru Kouseitan'i, Kuro Konpaku

The user begins this jutsu by summoning a small amount of dark chakra into the soles of their feet and shadow. As the user moves they may, as long as their concentration is still good, teleport via their shadow allowing them to move around obstacles with ease. This jutsu does have a major flaw however. Even though the user can disappear at anytime using his own shadow, he cannot in turn reappear using his shadow because he has no shadow. Therefore the user needs a shadow to rise out of before they can leave the shadow portal.

Chakra Rave

* Type:E-Rank,Kenjutsu

The user takes his weapon and charges it up with his own chakra (Or elemental affinity) and then swings it releasing it letting it explode towards there user in speed.

Equipment: kunai, shuriken two battle blades for hand to hand combat

Outfit: [/spoileer]


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Rock kouseitan'i the joinin
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