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 Dosu- The sound drill

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Hanzo Sanshouo
Hanzo Sanshouo

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PostSubject: Dosu- The sound drill   Tue Jun 30, 2009 9:13 am

Name: Dosu Kinuta
Gender: Male
age: 14
Species: Human

Height: 156cm
Weight: 48kg

Element: None, Manipluate Sound and Vibrations through Melody Arm Device

Rank: S-rank
Village: Sound

Personality: Dosu has demonstrated to be a very alert and logical ninja. He rarely rushes into anything before first observing and analyzing the situation. Dosu seemed very loyal to Orochimaru's cause and, to a lesser degree, his teammates. Though he claims that Sound ninja are willing to sacrifice their own teammates for their cause, he promises to avenge Zaku after his debilitating defeat by Shino Aburame. He showed dedication to Orochimaru's task of killing Sasuke Uchiha, but became disillusioned after learning that Orochimaru had given Sasuke a cursed seal. Realizing that he and his team were pawns used to determine Sasuke's worth, Dosu becomes determined to undermine Orochimaru by completing the task of killing Sasuke.

Chuunin Exams: Dosu passes the written portion of the Chunin Exams by interpreting the sound of other's pencil markings. During the second phase Dosu initiates his team's real mission: killing Sasuke Uchiha. While fighting Sakura, Rock Lee, and Team 10 in an effort to fulfill this goal, Dosu notices that Sasuke has received one of Orochimaru's cursed seals. Uncertain why Orochimaru has done this and otherwise outnumbered, his team flees. During the preliminaries Dosu defeats Choji Akimichi and is assigned to fight Shikamaru Nara during the first round of the finals. In an effort to make sure that Sasuke survives until they can fight so that Dosu can kill him personally, he challenges Gaara, Sasuke's first opponent. Gaara promptly kills him.

Training: After Dosu lost in the Chuunin exams he was sent back to the academy. Dosu did not take this well, so he decided he need to be stronger, he needed to master his Melody Arm. The academy teacher was very suprised when he was Dosu come back and when he heard the story about Gaara the teacher told him he should learn how to bend the drill waves into a protection as well. The academy teacher gave Dosu a secret location and map to the mountains for training and said he would send a special ninja to that location.

On his way down the mountain path, Dosu had run into a group of birds, Six to be exact. Using his melody device and speed as training, Dosu attacked the birds, while not touching them he did send a sound wave through the device which entered the birds heads. The sound waves rung through them, slowly as they began to fall and crash to the ground, the sound waves spread through there body and in the end caused five of the six to die of a heart attack.

Dosu knew he was a strong ninja and a deadly one even though he only had three jutsu; Speed of Sound (Unnamed), Vibrating Sound Drill, and Vibrating Impact Punch. As Dosu emerges down the mountain he found the secret gate as noted on the map, Dosu entered the large training room, Waiting inside was a man, Oki.

As Dosu arrived, Oki sent a loud screech of laughing through the cave, this had put Dosu on gaurd for whatever was about to happen. Oki had releases a shuriken through the cave, which using his expert movements and speed, Dosu had moved his melody device up blocking and deflecting the shuriken. Dosu knew the man would not show himself so he used his Melody Arm Plate to create sound waves, reflecting through the cave and gathering movements, with this Dosu was able to locate Oki.

Knowing he was found Oki decided Dosu was good enough and left him a scroll for jutsu ideas. Wanting to be able to obtaint he max power of his Drill Dosu began to study what was on the scroll. The first jutsu on the scroll was a water barrier jutsu. Dosu was reluctant on figuring out how he could combine a sound wave into a move like this but then he got a idea, he decided he would bend sound waves and amplify them to create a wall around him. So dosu began. Dosu tapped his melody device, sound waves echoed out and Dosu began to gather them together, forming them around him as he began to create a barrier. After a while dosu had created a barrier and learned his fourth jutsu.

Type: Supplementary, Offensive, Defensive
User: Dosu Kinuta, Zaku Abumi
Debut (Manga): Chapter 40
This technique is seen first used by Zaku Abumi when rock lee had trapped Dosu in a plunge toward the earth. Using a quick flash he appeared where Dosu was and used his air drill into the ground making it softer for landing. This technique is a movement which moves the user through a quick motion which is faster then a body flicker.

Vibrating Sound Drill (響鳴穿, Kyōmeisen)
Type: No rank, Hiden, Offensive, Short range (0-5m)[1]
User: Dosu Kinuta
Debut (Anime): Naruto Episode 31
Debut (Manga): Chapter 52
This jutsu can be used as a blanket term for the majority of Dosu's jutsu. The Melody Arm, a porous metal device located on his arm, is used to amplify the sound waves from arm movements to attack his opponent. By generating enough sound, Dosu can use his chakra to redirect the waves in midair to his intended target. By damaging the victim's inner ear, the victim is rendered off-balance and nauseous. In the first instance of this, Rock Lee is rendered physically sick by the attack.

As seen in Dosu's fight with Choji Akimichi, the sound drill can also be directed through water weight to similar effect. Therefore the greater fat index an opponent has, the more they are affected by this; Choji, using his Multi-Size Technique at the time, was instantly defeated.

Vibrating Sound Barrier Wall (響鳴壁結界, Kyōmeikekkeiheki)
Type: No rank, Hiden, Defensive
User: Dosu Kinuta
This jutsu is a special form of the Vibrating Sound Drill. The Melody Arm, Porous metal device located on his arm creates a strong soud which erupts from the drill through the area. Molding the sound waves with his chakra he is able to condense it around him and form a thick and dense sound wall to protect him.

Vibrating Sound Spear (Kyōmeisō)
Type: No rank, Hiden, Offensive
User: Dosu Kinuta
The Vibrating Sound Spear is in the same category and style of the Vibrating Sound Drill, but instead of just releasing sound waves it channels chakra into the device, transforming sound to wrap around Dosu's arm. As the sound forms, Dosu releases his movements and sends a blast from the sound wave which forms a drill like blast.

Vibrating Amplification Peircing Vacuum Wave (Kyō Zōfukukuuha Tsūga)
Type: Hiden, Offensive
User: Dosu
This jutsu is a large and powerful move fo Dosu's blanket jutsu, Vibrating Sound Drill. The Melody Arm, a porous metal device located on his arm, is used to amplify the sound waves from arm movements to attack his opponent. By redirecting his chakra to form a large collection of sound, Dosu creates a powerful and dense ball of sound. The sound is gathered inside the melody device, and when releases the sound waves explode from all the holes on Dosu's arms, creating a huge explosion all around Dosu to erupt.

Vibrating Impact Punch (響掌剛, Kyōshōken)
Type: No rank, Offensive
User: Dosu Kinuta
This techique is a special form of taijutsu fused with Dosu's Melody Arm. As the target moves Dosu gathers up chakra in the drill, Dosu waits for the moment as the target comes near him, or he attacks the target then releases the explosion of sound foward. Channeling the sound into his fist he releases a punch, a massive explosion fo force surrounding it as well and crushing the target in a massive attack.

Spin Whirlpool Strike (渦剛, Uzuneshō)
Type: No rank, Offensive
User: Dosu Kinuta
This technique involves a branch off of the Speed of Sound Tecnique (Name unknown). With his mass speed body flicker he rapidly disapears and re-appears in multiple location, confusing the target with his blinding speed. As time passes he waits for the moment and appears around them with a fury of strikes.

Tornado Chest Spin (Mune Gachan Tatsumaki)
Type: C-rank, Offensive, Short range
User: Dosu Kinuta
The Tornado Chest Spin skill is a powerful technique created by Dosu Kinuta. The Tornado Chest Spin is a hard attack and forceful move which allows Dosu to rush at the target with great speed, clutching sound around his fist. As Dosu strikes the target with his sound engulfed fist, The sound waves burst on contact, exploding on the target and crushing them in a sonic boom wave.

Strengths: Dosu is very skilled in close range fightning, Using his Sound Amplification as a offensive skill and his Speed and Agility as a movement and counter. With his Melody Arm Device he can tap it and send out small sound waves which reflect and come back to him, allowing him to track down people with pure sound. Dosu is also a strategic thinker, and can easily devise a plant to take down a enemy in seconds.
In the years that he wasn't in Otogakure he trained his sound amplifier and his vibration abilities so that he is able to send vibrations from the ear to the brain which can cause serious brain damage if desired.
Weakness's: Dosu's power and abilities rely on close range moves, which make long range useres hard to fight for him.

Speed and Agility: Since Dosu was not seen for a very long while in the manga, not very much is known about him. One of his known abilities is his speed with the Speed of Sound Technique (Name unknown), Which was so fast even Sasuke and sharingan level two couldnt see it's movements. Also Dosu was seen to be able to sneak around despite his clothing, being able to use his speed to re-appear and disapear on location in hidden locations. It is also seen that Dosu is fast enough to dodge attacks quickly as seen when kunai came at him and he easily dodged them.

Taijutsu: Dosu was seen to be basically a Taijutsu expert, though not as well as Rock Lee, Dosu is able to combine his great speed and Sound Waves from his Melody Arm into a strong burst through his Taijutsu combat. Dosu was hinted to be almost as strong as Rock Lee.

Melody Arm Device: Dosu's battle style revolves around his ability to manipulate sound. Not unlike Zabuza Momochi he has a very keen awareness and understanding of soundwaves. During the first round of the Chunin Exams, he simply listened to the strokes of other ninja's pencils to determine the answers for the written test. His main attack is done with help of the "Melody Arm" on his right forearm, which he used to generate sound for his attacks. His abilities attack the inner ear, directing his sound deep into it, which would cause great pain, disorientation, and nausea. During their match, Choji attempted to block his attacks by pulling his head inside his Human Bullet Tank, only to be thwarted by the fact that by directing sound through the water in his body Dosu could still generate the effect. Choji was instantly defeated by the attack.
Equipment: Post how many kunai, shuriken you have, special weapons you may carry and also any special items you have such as a one and only weapon.
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PostSubject: Re: Dosu- The sound drill   Tue Jun 30, 2009 1:42 pm

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Dosu- The sound drill
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