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 Ayamaru, The Howling Moon

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PostSubject: Ayamaru, The Howling Moon   Tue Jun 30, 2009 3:55 am

Name: Ayamaru
Gender: male
age: 16
Species: Human-ish xD

Element: Water
Rank: Chunnin
Village: Mist Village

Personality: Because of my pale face and blackened eyes most people think I am a bloodthirsty creature who doesn't sleep till my energy is drained completely, but those people are wrong. Fact be know, I'm really energtic and I can't sleep because of boredom. I take all my missions seriously but always like to make it as fun as possible. I don't believe in helping those who can help themselves. As excitable as I am, on first glance I look depressed which is so not what I'm feeling (unless my ramen is stolen T.T). I am always cautious and doubt everything in my surroundings. As much of a friend I might be, I lie constantly for reasons I won't say. Never trust me in battle, and never look me in the eye and expect me to look back. Love is to lose and lose is to love. My mind is but a riddle. Can you solve it?

Bio: I was born in the Land of Mist. My parents are of the mist Villages Special Assassination Squad with my sisters and brothers who are well knows genins and jounins. As an acedemy student I learn the technique of munipulating water to my advantage. This also helped build my character. Many say I was like the the waves, seeing how I blend into situations and overthrow those around me. When the genin exams came along we were forced to run into the field and kill one of our classmates. This was an eyeopener. The classmate I was matched up against was a youn girl who I had became close friends with. She had taught me jutsu and how to use them. Not only that, our parents had also aranged us to be married. When I finally had gotten to better know her to see her in my bride I was forced to cut her down. Well I really didn't fight but she manipulated the fight to a point to where she made me stab her. Before she had took her last breathe she gave me her bracelet of the mist. When I became a genin I witnessed the death of my first sensei. He looked out for me and told me he loved me as a son. His name was Mikizu and he taught me advanced techniques of water manipulation. What happened was it was a mission between me and my sensei set out to send a peace offering to the land of lighting. The conflict was we were ambushed by a group of lighting ninja who rebelled against an alliance with the mist village. We were out-numbered ten to one. My sensei threw me into a ditch while he fought off the ninja. He used his forbidden jutsu of Blood Bound Seal. Basically it connects anyone within a circle and causes a univerisal death for all of them by stopping the heart. When I became a chunnin i stopped doing missions for awhile being that I was promoted for delivering the peace letter to the Raikage and coming back unharmed. I managed a small shop with my brother selling books and novels done by famous writers like the great Jiraiya. Our kage came to our shop asking for an assassination job being that our parents were already on a mission. Since me and my brother were the only ones availible I took the job alone so that he could run the store. The assignment was one of our top mission ninja. His name was Teigetsu, one of the seven ninja swordsmen of the mist. When I finally tracked him down after seven days, I has found him in the on the Sebun Isle of the Mist Country. He rest on a lake but every inch of the land was covered in water. He quickly assulted me after sensing my presence through the ripples. His blase was long but had a hollow center. His basic skills were sound and water jutsu. After many agonizing sounds techniques that nearly crippled me, I was able to freeze his torso and legs to the lake we stood apon. With on slash of my blade i cut him in half, but before he fell in two my sword ticked his blade. That one hit caused a load ring across the land that sounded like a wolf. Thus giving me the title now of Ayamaru, The Howling Moon.


Jutsu #1
Name: Howling Blade
Rank: B
Description: This is the technique that made me famous. It is a swift horizontal slash through the torso. First I use three creeping tenticles of water to wrap around the enemy's body and then quickly freeze them. Within a flash I slide my blade through the body and with contact with the ice the blade rings as it comes out of the opponent and howls with the sound of a wolf.

Jutsu #2
Name: Howling Tsunami
Rank: A
Description: This is a move the brings together the water within the battle field and first creates two geysers, then have the raising water crash heavily into the ground with one large circlular water blade flying through the waterfalls.

Jutsu #3
Name: Serenading Waters
Rank: C
Description: With a thrust or stab to the ground, I create a giant splash to a moist around sending out wave after wave of dowsed waters.

Jutsu #4
Name: Howling Blizzard
Rank: B
Description: The water droplets the i bring down from the clouds stand still upon the air. A chill air freezes the air and water and the winds send the ice shards storming through air tearing the place apart.

Jutsu #5
Name: Requiem of the Mist
Rank: C
Description: This is like the hidden mist jutsu but the difference is it is combination of a numbing genjutsu and a berrage of water clones so that the enemy has no clue what is going on. First the sound of a flute plays to ingage the genjutsu and then the water clones are made to begin the attack.

-Mastery of Water jutsu
-Swordship Mastery
-Quick thinker
-High Intellegence

Equipment: My reaping sword-Kekaito, small collection of shuriken, and a long silk ribbon.

Outfit: Pic at top
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PostSubject: Re: Ayamaru, The Howling Moon   Tue Jun 30, 2009 4:03 am

i was gonna deny one jutsu but since u r bijuu and have some chakra boost ACCEPTED
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Ayamaru, The Howling Moon
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